Forest City Focus

Forest City Focus

Time to pay some well deserved attention to several artists and producers whom I’ve featured on the A Person Disguised As People broadcast on Thursday afternoons. Though not intended as a compendium or definitive reflection as to what’s happening locally, the post will reflect the current trajectory of the show and which Forest City (London, ON, Canada) producers have informed it. Let’s go.


Originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Chuck Blazevic and his ‘Dreamsploitation’ project continue to impress and find a new audience within London’s creative community through occasional live performances of older and newer material. 2013 saw the ‘unofficial’ release of a collection entitled ‘Unreleased 2007 – 2013’, which (depending on how nicely you ask) he may be inclined to share. No promises. With soundtrack work and a new ambient album underway, 2014 should see the addition of at least one new Dreamsploitation release. One of the good ones.

Lexander James

Edmonton, Alberta expat Robert James Alexander Ross has been producing, performing, curating, and compiling for over a decade. Where previous releases under monikers ’Flora’ and ’itsagamble!’ found Ross exploring lush idm and brutalized digital beat abstractions respectively, his Lexander James output seems to situate itself nicely in the category of Braindance, referencing current Rephlex artists like Jodey Kendrick and Dave Monolith. Despite the conflicting shifts in styles and platforms, Ross is likely to tell you he simply makes ‘pop music.’

In addition to his recorded output, Ross is the label boss of Castledrum Records, and of the now defunct Hands imprint. Each label, in addition to various EP’s, has seen the release of the wonderfully compiled and cared for compilations ’Castledrum Companions’ and ’Hands Together Vol. 1 – Home and Abroad’, featuring a number of local, regional, and Canadian producers whom Ross has come to know over the years.

Ned Flangers

Ned Flangers is the formidable yet criminally underrated London (via Space / Detroit / Berlin / Heaven) producer Pat Giles. Knowing full well how many tracks Giles has waiting in the wings, I can’t wait to see where Flangers fly’s next. Seriously accomplished soulful house and so slick techno works are this fellas specialty. Stay tuned.

Noise Level / EKM

Noise Level is Edward Matthews, a prolific and exuberant artist captivated by rediscovery and rebirth. As EKM Matthews is joined by his son Kevin, and the duo expound of Noise Level’s focus on ambient, dub, techno, drum & bass, industrial, etc. There’s a lot to discover. I’ll leave you to it.


Jake Minns’s ‘O’Haara’ project (formerly Ivy Chokes) is a bit of a mystery to me. A recent discovery, really. Rumor has it that he’s working on an EP for Castledrum Records, which will likely see a release later in the year. Beyond this and his recent remix for Lexander James’s ‘Eye Melt’, I’m now as informed as you are and quite looking forward to hearing more.

Para Palabras

Para Palabras is Forest City wonderkind Bennett McArthur, and his take on bass, future soul, and blunted R&B really does it for me. I don’t imagine he’ll be London’s for long, as his original productions and high class edits of the genres larger acts continues to impress. Don’t miss last years ’Mercy March EP’ (free DL). Ace stuff.


As ‘Wormwood’, partners Andrew C. Wenaus and Christina Willatt configure beautifully articulated idm symphonies for voice, electronics, and guitar. If Warp dignitaries ‘Autechre’ went vocal with a flair for the gothic, it’s likely we’d find ourselves hearing something similar. With 2013’s ‘Sunfloating’ long player, Wenaus and Willatt put forth something exceptionally unique and masterfully crafted. Having heard the forthcoming ‘Microdot’ EP for Punctum Records, the likelihood of wider exposure and cult-like appreciation seems inevitable. Big fan.

You’ll Never Get To Heaven

“You’ll Never Get to Heaven is the stunning new ambient, electronic pop project by partners Chuck Blazevic and Alice Hansen of London, Ontario. Chuck has been creating abstract electronic music for years under both his own name and the tag Dreamsploitation, so it is no surprise to hear such beautiful washes of tone and melody on this new album. Most of the source material is taken from early 20th century classical and ‘70s dub vinyl, with decade’s worth of scratches and dirt beautifully processed into flourishes of swirling texture. Alice’s delicate vocals emerge from this ambient fog to guide these tracks through a dream of pop music long forgotten here at DIVORCE. This is a stirring record. We could not be more pleased to offer it up this fall. Available in a limited edition of 300 vinyl copies and as a digital download.” –

YNGTH’s beauty new release, ‘Adorn’, can be purchased here. Masters at work.

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