If you would like to license anything from our catalogue, we'd love to hear from you. Please include as much of the following information as you're able:

  • Artist & title of the track(s) you'd like to use
  • Details of your project
  • Duration and positioning of requested track(s) in your production
  • Your desired licensing terms (territory, term, royalties payable etc.)
  • Your budget / offer in CAD (Canadian Dollar)

Since we liaise with our artists on your behalf, including an offer with your initial request expedites the licensing process significantly. Note that both master and synchronization rights are required in all cases.

Our preferred way to listen to demo submissions is via Dropbox, Google Drive, or SoundCloud. Please share the link to a folder or private playlist containing your demo tracks. Your demo should be as close to finished as possible.

In addition, please include one or two sentences about yourself as well as relevant social media links. We don't respond to everything but we'll be in touch if we hear something we like.